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Your healthcare portal anywhere, anytime.


For any health concerns you have or even if you want help to quit smoking, our experienced Doctors are available to speak to you wherever you are in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more complex medical cases you can seek a Second Medical Opinion.


Managing worry, easing stress, and improving relationships can help you enjoy doing more of the things you love. myStrength is designed for people (16+) looking for emotional wellness support.

Mental Health

If a life event affects your emotional well-being or you're suffering from stress or anxiety, our team of mental health practitioners are here to help you. Our confidential, personalised service will provide you with the support you need.


Are you looking to achieve or maintain a healthy body weight? Do you want to change your eating habits both at home and at the workplace? Our team of nutritional experts are here to support you all the way.

Legal Information

Our legal information service is run by Truth Legal’s dedicated experts who provide tailored, thorough and reliable legal information across many areas of practice. They understand that every situation is unique and will handle your call sensitively and confidentially.

You can seek information regarding tenancy disputes, divorce and family law, probate, general litigation, personal injury and consumer law. Your legal expert will work with you to understand your unique query and signpost you appropriately to achieve a great outcome.

Simply call 0208 0680035 and select option 4 to access the legal information you need today.

*Please note – The legal information service is operated by Teladoc Health’s partner Truth Legal. Truth Legal is unable to provide information regarding employment law or any area which may present a potential conflict of interest.

Financial Wellbeing

Our financial wellbeing service connects you with a dedicated team of Benefit and Money advisers at Auriga Services. You will first speak with a call handler who will take your details and arrange a scheduled call back with a suitable expert.

The team can provide budgeting tips to help you manage your money smartly and take better control of your finances. Their high quality information is tailored to your specific circumstances and can reduce the financial stresses that affect many of us from time to time.

Simply call 0208 0680035 and select option 5 to access the financial wellbeing support you need today.

*Please note: our financial wellbeing service is operated by Teladoc Health’s partner Auriga Services. They are unable to support queries regarding debt management, tribunal representation, advice on pensions savings, investments and redundancy via this service.